Background Information

PPL Electric Utilities Corporation (“PPL Electric”) currently has the obligation to serve all customers who do not select to take service from an EGS or who return to take service from PPL Electric after being served by an EGS. This service is called Default Service and PPL Electric is the Default Service Provider.

Starting in 2007, PPL Electric has procured electric generation supply for its default service customers through a competitive procurement process pursuant to a Default Service Program approved by the Commission. PPL Electric’s Competitive Bridge Plan (“CBP”) concluded with the November 2009 solicitation, its initial Default Service Program (“DSP I”) concluded with the January 2013 solicitation, its second Default Service Program (“DSP II”) concluded with the October 2014 solicitation, its third Default Service Program (“DSP III”) concluded with the October 2016 solicitation, and its fourth Default Service Program (“DSP IV”) concluded with the October 2020 solicitation.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (“PaPUC” or “Commission”) rendered a decision on PPL Electric’s DSP V (Docket No. P-2020-3019356) in its Order dated December 17, 2020. The solicitations planned under DSP V will select electricity suppliers to provide Default Service supply for the period June 1, 2021 through May 31, 2025 and for a portion of PPL Electric’s requirements for the period beyond June 1, 2025.

For more information on PPL Electric’s Default Service Program, please see the Regulatory Background Page.